Beesline Express Facial Super Moisture Mask

by Vizolik
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 Skin Type:

For Dry & Sensitive Skin



Beesline Express Facial Super Moisture Mask is an intensely hydrating mask that instantly boosts moisture levels while soothing & nourishing the skin. Keeps the complexion looking plump, healthy & always vitalised.


Expected Results:

Supple Skin

Hydrated Skin


Active Ingredients:

Free From:

Alcohol, Parabens, Phthalates, Silicones, Petrochemicals and ingredients of animal origin ( except bee by-products).


Direction of Use:

1. Use 2x per week.

2. Apply to clean skin & leave on for 15 mins.

3. Massage gently into skin for further absorption.

4. Gently wipe away excess, do not rinse.